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Video: Meet ‘Bubble girl’ Allergic to Life

For: Life Hacks, Tricks and Experiments, subscribe at this channel: Her food allergies change so frequently, keeping track is almost pointless. The cracker or the bite of ice cream — Brynn Duncan still isn’t sure which one sent her into anaphylactic shock that day. It was just another day with another massive allergic reaction. She can always tell when one is coming on. “I just get this overwhelming sense of — they call it impending doom.” Her labradoodle, Moose, starts alerting, licking her hands frantically. “I’ll feel like I’m being stabbed in the stomach, and then it gets hard to breathe and my throat and tongue start swelling. And we have to treat it really fast.” On that particular day in March, multiple EpiPens didn’t slow the reaction. The paramedics who arrived to take Brynn to Greenville Memorial Hospital, or “Hotel Greenville” as she likes to call it, knew her well. When she asked for her security blanket, they knew to hand her her smartphone. “New day, new crisis,” Brynn quips as she tells the story, as if it’s about her first day of college or a shopping trip gone wrong. It might as well be. When you’re allergic to life, a near-death experience is no big deal.
Meet ‘Bubble girl’ Allergic to Life

Akon - Hurt Somebody (Explicit) ft. French MontanaAkon - Hurt Somebody (Explicit) ft. French Montana Akon - Hurt Somebody (Explicit) ft. French Montana
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