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Traveling India: Jodhpur, the blue city. Second largest city in Rajasthan, expect chaotic streets and beautiful views. The blue-washed buildings of old city Jodhpur with the warm red sandstone glow of Mehrangarh Fort, creates a surreal and mesmerizing experience. The views are especially brilliant at sunrise and sunset. Mehrangarh Fort is one of the largest, most well preserved forts in India. Relaxing on the rooftops, you almost forget you're in a city. We were grateful to find our quiet little oasis at Singhvi's Haveli near the base of the fort. But as you get further away from the fort, navigating the narrow pathways and streets on foot becomes next to impossible. The combination of intense noise, constant honking, motorbikes, auto rickshaws, cars, cows, dogs, elephants, and burrows on the tiny streets doesn't leave much room for pedestrians. So while the old city would be ideal for walking, do be careful and if going further than 1k, consider going by auto rickshaw, as it will be safer. xoxo, Christine
Traveling India: Jodhpur

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